Are you looking for business plans or stock valuations in Hampshire?

With 25 years of experience as an ACCA accountant specialising in costing and product evaluations, Mr Downie has a background in engineering and originally studied metallurgy and materials technology at university.

From a background of industrial radiology working mainly with dense metal castings and welds. The projects ranged from marine fittings to components for nuclear or petrochemical plants.

In 1987 he diverted into accountancy and has since worked for 5 different companies taking projects forward, some from inception, through to computerisation using real time databases or manufacturing and distribution information systems.

He has helped companies recognise value added to raw materials, and thus be able via multi level bills of material to recognise individual product margins. These are vital for any manufacturer in order to understand the company's stock value and to break down their sales into product sector profitability. 

We also have a background of business services providing accountancy to trial balance, stock transfers and maintenance payment accounts. We are currently working for a design business and a housing association providing such services.

Stock Valuation
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